Closer Connections

Closer Connections is an initiative that Diana created to gather women in-house counsel who are fairly senior in their careers to meet one another, network, and discuss topics that lead to greater professional satisfaction. The groups are divided by region. Each quarter there are 1-2 lunches gathering women in-house counsel in each of four regions: the South Bay (Los Altos), East Bay (Emeryville), North Bay (Marin), and San Francisco. Diana believes that women attorneys empower themselves, advance their careers, and find more joy in the law by enhancing personal connections with other lawyering women.  Diana sees Closer Connections as advancing the cause of women in a more moderate way than she did in her early days of feminist awakening. Diana is still a bra-burning activist at heart, but Closer Connections allows her to advance this agenda in a socially respectable way by empowering women, generating visibility for MLG (an all-women firm), and creating more joy in the lives of lawyers.

To read more about Diana's goals for Closer Connections see this blog post.

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