Profiles of Joy: Jenny Wiegley

Maier Law Group’s very own Jenny Wiegley reveals her inspiration and approach for seeking joy.


“Always remember that you're allowed to take care of yourself.”



Your full name:

Jennifer Jeanne Wiegley

City of practice:

San Jose, CA

Firm name:

Maier Law Group

What is your educational background?

Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Barnard College (2002). My J.D. is from the University of Southern California (2008).

Tell us more about your legal background!

Prior to joining MLG, I worked at Paul Hastings, Seyfarth Shaw, and Norton Rose Fulbright (all in Los Angeles), and then Fenwick & West in Mountain View after I relocated to the Bay Area. I worked exclusively in the employment law departments of all those firms. I started practicing in March 2009. I didn't start immediately after graduation because I had a baby just a few weeks before that!

How do you define joy?

That happy, uplifted, peaceful feeling of rightness and harmony in the world.

What does Joy in the Law mean to you?

It means finding a way to use my legal skills and experience to make the lives of my clients (and the world) more joyful, all while feeling joy for myself in the process.

Name three things that you do or would like to do to find joy in daily life. These could be mini habits, routines, resolutions, projects, etc.

  • Humor is my greatest source of joy: I love making jokes with my family and friends, and laughing until I cry.

  • I also love to make art, of all types.

  • I love long walks.

These three things are essential to my happiness.

Name a few resources that have inspired you to find joy.

My late mom was my first teacher about the importance of joy. She taught me to find joy everywhere by being as loving a person as I could be. I'm also inspired by the people in my life who have had the courage to pursue their own happiness, even when that meant NOT pursuing a path that others would define as successful. Finally, beautiful art inspires me - stories that are totally engaging, paintings that make me think, poetry, movies, all of it!

Knowing what you know now about lawyering, what would you tell your younger self if you could?

Hang in there. It gets better!

Where did you grow up?

In the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., although I went to school in D.C. proper and spent most of my time there.

Can you tell us some favorite things about growing up there?

  • Intellectualism and civility are so prized there! I was so surprised when I left to find that other cities aren't the same way.

  • I also absolutely love the Spring season there - it's so lush and verdant, almost tropical.

  • I loved my school, National Cathedral. It totally shaped my entire life.

Do you have a family legacy that lives on through you?

My mom's boundless love for all living things and the world itself.

Who are some of the special people in your life?

My husband, Daniel, and my daughter, Della, and son, Silas. Also, my colleagues are very special to me, as well as my closest girlfriends. My dog, Darcy, is pretty special, too.

If money were no object and you could do anything at all, what would you do?

I would run a small sheep farm, where I'd produce hand-dyed wool yarn and sheep's milk cheeses, all while finally finishing my novel!

What are your favorite things to do while commuting?

Listen to cheesy pop music, very loudly, while signing aloud (also very loudly). Much to my children's chagrin.

Any final words for us?

Always remember that you're allowed to take care of yourself.


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